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In the UK, businesses account for over 85% of greenhouse gas emissions- meaning that it’s never been more important to step up and help stop climate change. Looking to do our part, we have partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain and are proud to announce that we have become a Certified Carbon Neutral company for 2022- this means that we will be offsetting all Carbon emitted by ourselves this year.


How does it work?


In essence, our business has been reviewed over a 12-month period and then equated to Carbon credits. These credits are used towards projects that are helping remove carbon from the atmosphere- you can read more about these projects following the below links.


Why now?


For the past three years it has been a major focus for us to reduce our carbon footprint; working with Carbon Neutral Britain has allowed us to carry out a full assessment of our companies’ impact and get the company to a point where we are now Carbon Neutral.”


On-going studies by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have warned that we only have ten years left to prevent catastrophic, irreversible damage to our planet. By 2050, up to 50% of the total species found on Earth could be extinct, and extreme weather events will have a huge impact on human life. We recognise that small lifestyle changes by individuals will not be enough, which is why we have decided to take the change company wide and go Carbon Neutral.


Future plans:


“It has never been more important for businesses to step up and take account of the environmental impact associated with their operations, the next step is to work towards being Carbon Negative, and we have plans in place to achieve this”.


We are currently in talks to install solar panels at our office in Melksham and hope to install EV Points as the vehicle fleet transitions away from fossil fuels to enhance our efforts.

We understand that in order to become Carbon Negative, we have to look at all aspects of our business and determine where changes are needed. Plans are in place to install solar panels at our office. Additionally, we are transitioning away from vehicles run by fossil fuels and instead looking towards electric.


If you would like further information about what we are doing as a business, please contact us on 01225 690000 or email the below:


Natasha Reid  Natasha@officeevo.co.uk           

Steve Davis    Steve@officeevo.co.uk

Matt Goodall   Matt@officeevo.co.uk